Interoperability for Medieval Manuscripts

The rapid advance of digital information technology is generating new research opportunities for scholars of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts. The availability of manuscripts in digital form, coupled with the promise of powerful tools to facilitate their analysis in the digital domain, has the potential to enable scholars both to pursue new avenues of inquiry and to develop novel approaches to long-standing issues in the field that will yield new insights.

The potential of digitally enabled scholarship depends upon the emergence of an interoperable research community. This interoperability will be built upon the broad participation of organizations making digital copies of manuscripts available openly on the web through a standards based approach. These standards include:

Several manuscript repositories have cooperated with the Digitally Enabled Scholarship with Medieval Manuscripts project. The following have generously permitted the download of existing images and/or have digitized manuscripts for the project. Some manuscripts also have selected folios that have been multi-spectrally imaged. Any applicable rights metadata is displayed with the manuscript along with a link that describes the license or rights statement under which the manuscript is being used.


National Library of Wales:

          Merthyr fragment (Chaucer CT)

          MS Peniarth 392D (‘Hengwrt’ Chaucer CT)

          MS Peniarth 393D (Chaucer Boece)


Benediktinerstift Admont Bibliothek & Museum:

           Admont MS 23 (Gratian Decretum)                                  

           Admont MS 43 (Gratian Decretum)                                  


Archivo de la Corona de Aragón:

            MS Ripoll 078 (Gratian Decretum)

Cambridge (UK)

Cambridge University, Trinity College:

             Trinity MS B. 15.17 (353) (Langland, Piers)

             Trinity MS R.3.2 (581) (Gower, Confessio Amantis)

Cambridge University Library:

              Cambridge MS Dd.4.24  (Chaucer, CT)

              Cambridge MS Kk.1.3 pt. 20 (XX) (Chaucer, CT)

Cambridge (US)

Harvard Law School Library:

               Harvard, HLS MS 64 (Gratian, Decretum)   


Erzbischfliche Dizesan- und Dombibliothek:

                MS 127 Ka (Gratian, Decretum)                                         

                MS 128 Kb (Gratian, Decretum)     


Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale:

                Conv. Soppr. A. 1. 402 Fd. (Gratian, Decretum)


British Library Logo

   British Library:

        Harley MS 7334 (Chaucer, CT)

Los Angeles

J. Paul Getty Museum:

                MS Ludwig IX 8 (‘Arenberg’ Hours)

New Haven

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University:

                Beinecke MS 10  (Book of Hours)                    

                Beinecke MS 109 (Book of Hours)                                    

                Beinecke MS 310 (Book of Hours)                                                      

                Beinecke MS 360 (Book of Hours)                                    

                Beinecke MS 525.5 (Fragment of Book of Hours)                                         

                Beinecke MS 748 (Fragments of Books of Hours)                       

                Marston MS 22 (Book of Hours)

                Osborn MS a44 (Book of Hours)

                 Osborn MS fa1 (Gower, Confessio Amantis)


Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford:

                MS Auct. D. inf. 2. 11 (Book of Hours)           

                MS Bodley 113 (Book of Hours)

                MS Bodley 294 (Gower, Confessio Amantis)

                MS Bodley 716 (Postilla on the Bible)         

                MS Bodley 758(Michale de Massa, On the Passion of Our Lord)

                MS Bodley 850 (Book of Hours)

                MS Bodley 861 (Rolle, Super canticum canticorum)        

                MS Bodley 902 (Gower, Confessio Amantis)                

                MS Douce 18 (Book of Hours)         

                MS Douce 231 (Book of Hours)                                          

                MS Gough Liturg. 3 (Book of Hours)              

                MS Gough Liturg. 19 (Book of Hours)           

                MS Lat. liturg. e. 17 (Book of Hours)

                MS Lat. liturg. f. 2 (Book of Hours)                                    

                MS Lat. Liturg. f. 21 (Book of Hours)

                MS Laud Lat.4 (John of Salisbury, Solinus, Eutropius, Orosius)           

                MS Laud Misc. 188 (Book of Hours)                                 

                MS Laud Misc. 204 (Book of Hours)    

Corpus Christi College:

                MS 198 (Chaucer, CT) 


Bibliothèque nationale de France:

                MS Latin 3884 (1) (Gratian, Decretum)                                           

                MS Latin 3884 (2) (Gratian, Decretum)

San Marino

Huntington Library:

                MS El 26.C.9 (‘Ellesmere’ Chaucer CT)

St. Gallen


                MS 673 (Gratian, Decretum)